I, Leslie, want to be a junkmaster. You can read more about what a junkmaster is on this post.

Right now my goal is to complete the following tasks to earn my title as junkmaster Leslie. I will update this page as I accomplish each task. I started this idea on March 18, 2012 so please give me some time to get the tasks done. :)

Junkmaster Leslie in Training must accomplish the following tasks to earn her certificate in junkmastering.

1. Field experience: visit at least five salvage yards. I've been to countless flea markets and thrift stores, but a junkmaster needs to know her salvage yards. Already on that list is Tampa Bay SalvageSchiller's SalvageSarasota Architectural SalvageAdam and Eve's Salvage, and Victoria's Antique Warehouse.
3. Tuition and fees: Own at least 25 salvaged items.
4. Research: Become an expert in a field of antiques (subject will be decided later. Do I want to be an expert in art deco clocks, Steiff Bears, weight scales, Florida memorabilia...)
5. Project: Have one room in my house full of antique and salvaged furniture. That means not ONE item can be new from the store.
10. Internship Experience: Visit salvage yards and antique shops in another state (geographically speaking, not state of mind).