about us

Salvaged Spaces is a blog led by us, Leslie and Pete. We started this blog to share our love of junk, DIY, and before/after projects with the rest of the world!

A Brief History
Leslie and Pete were both born during the decade of bad hair, new wave, and arcade games. Leslie grew up in a cloud of polyurethane and paint fumes because her mother couldn't stop restaining the floors or trying a new paint color on the walls. The toxic fumes no doubt made her a little strange and instilled in her an appreciation for all things junk.

Pete is hard-wired under his skin for all things tech. His first love was in '98. She was pale, a bit boxy, didn't do much. But he loved that computer more than anything! Since then, Pete has studied HTML, played several video games, learned the art of videography, and speaks a few programming languages.

Today they are the parents to Lucy and their wonderful pets. Leslie graduated from the University of South Florida with a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Master of Education degree. Pete completed six years in the military and earned his Bachelor of Arts in Geography from the University of South Florida. Pete currently works as a Geospatial Analyst and Leslie is an Academic Advisor at the local college.

Email: leslie@salvagedspaces.com

Email: pete@salvagedspaces.com
More about Pete here.