Monday, October 1, 2012

Cotton Anniversary

As you know, I was feeling a lot of pressure for this year's anniversary gift. Last year's gift was a huge success on Pete's part, but no one can even remember what I did. I was determined not to let that happen again, which is half the reason I'm blogging about the gift. No one can forget when it gets posted on the Internet!

I should warn you that you may not fully understand my gift for another few years. But Pete understood it right away and guess what? He loved it!

I'm not calling you dumb because you don't understand it. And I'm not trying to make excuses in case some of you think this was a lousy gift.

When I was thinking of what to make Pete, I kept thinking about two of the "biggest" things happening in our lives. Which is strange, because they aren't big at all. The first one of course is little Lucy June and the second one is Pete's novel. We both have stories we want to write and Pete has already started on his. He's been thinking about this story for a long time and started to put it on paper last night. I know he's my husband and I think the world of him, but I'm serious and objectively stating that he's going to impress the world with his writing. I'm not afraid to tell him when he messes something up - like when he told me he wanted me to be fully relaxed for our anniversary weekend, and then took me out to a totally unrelaxing camping trip. He wouldn't even let me bring pillows!

He knows that trip wasn't a success and I sure enough let him know it, too. In a nice way.

But his book is going to be a success and to help you sort of understand my gift, I'll tell you that the book involves lists, a pocket watch, and Montana. There. You still have no idea what it's about but you can see why I got him the things that I did.

I started with a box I had from some old stationary. I made a paper collage of Montana - or at least how I imagine it. The top says "you and me were meant to be part of the future." It's a Flaming Lips song that Pete has been using as inspiration. The song actually says "you and me were never meant to be part of the future," but that seemed depressing to me so I changed it up.

His favorite thing (I think) was the embroidery hoop I made for him. I've never embroidered before but I absolutely loved it! It was one of the most relaxing things I've done in a long time.

I first sketched out the image of us and then glued some cotton to represent Lucy.

Pete has always had a soft spot for embroidered art (remember when he picked this up?) and now he wants me to make him one every year. Yes please! Do you know how easy this will make gift-giving?!

The book of lists was fun to make too. Some of the lists were meaningful, but mostly they were completely useless. Like, how I like to take a shower: turn on water, adjust temperature, get in, shampoo, wash face, rinse face then shampoo, conditioner, wash from shoulders to feet, rinse conditioner and soap, turn off shower, dry off, get dressed.

It all made him smile so I count that as a win in my book!