Sunday, September 23, 2012

We're famous! And so is Brooksville!

Pete and I were both raised in the small town of Brooksville, FL. Brooksville hardly has more than 7,000 residents, but it's a town with a lot of heart. I grew up near downtown Brooksville, which meant that I was always walking or riding my bike to the shops and restaurants, even before my Mom said I could (sorry, Mom!). I'd spend my days reading library  books under the oak trees, tip-toeing around the antique shops, and sitting in the window booth of Main Street Eatery, enjoying a turkey melt with my best friend.

So when Flea Market Style, one of our favorite magazines, asked their readers for submissions of their favorite shopping towns, we had to tell them about Brooksville!

My love for Brooksville runs deep. Remember I've talked about it before? Like here. And here. Oh, and even my Dad has written a book about Brooksville. So yeah, regardless of how quiet and small this town can get, I believe you really can have a lot of fun there if you know what's hiding beneath all those oak trees.

With a hot cup of coffee in Pete's hand and a six-month old baby in my uterus, we wrote to the editors of Flea Market Style. We told them that you may not be able to find websites for any of these shops, but they exist and they're open and ready for business. We told them about the friendly people who own the shops and the great deals we've been able to score there. We figured it probably wouldn't make the list but it's worth a try. For Brooksville. For Brooksville!!

And guess what? We made it! Our little Brooksville. Is now a favorite city. On paper. In a magazine that's viewed in every state and city!

You can pick up a copy in grocery stores, Target, Wal-Mart, bookstores, home improvement stores, etc.

So what made the list for Brooksville? The Shoppes at the Corner, Odds and Ends, Easy Street Home Decor, Great Stuff, and Coney Island Drive Inn. Pick up a copy to read what we wrote about these places!