Thursday, August 9, 2012

We Got the Hook-up!

Whoever lived in our apartment before us were real hookers. They didn't even try to hide it, either! I don't like to judge other peoples' lifestyles because I'm far from perfect. But usually when I move out of a place, I clean it up. Remove traces of myself - like the pencil mark on the wall that shows how tall I am (still checking to see if the mark ever goes up or down). I clean the carpets, scrape off all the labels from the label maker. I even finally clean out the microwave so they don't know I had leftover spaghetti as my last meal.

But the previous tenants clearly don't care what we think of them. It's evident in the state of this place, but even more obvious by how frivolous they were with screwing.

I've counted at least 25 hooks in this apartment! Is that normal?!

Don't get me wrong. I love organization, but there's nothing organized about these hooks. They are in random corners and on the tallest parts of the ceiling. What were they hanging? I also love a good deal and that's why I buy in bulk. But after some quick investigation, it's clear that these hooks were not all bought at the same time. Some are metal, plastic, nails, screws, wooden...

And why should you care about all of the hooks in our place? You probably shouldn't, but it's something I noticed and it's got me confused. Pete's theory is that they recklessly hung Christmas lights. I cringe at the thought of their decorating.

 I made the mistake of removing the first hooks I saw. Little did I know they painted around the hooks. 

This is one of my favorite displays of hooks. It's hard to see all of them because it was taken on my camera phone, but there are five hooks in this corner of the room. Seriously. What were they doing?

White metal hook...

Curly hooks

Shiny hook next to the skylight

Found this nail hook in the closet. Of all the places, you think I would find the best hooks in the closet.

Brown plastic hook above our creepy cat sculpture.

White plastic hook above another creepy cat. ;)

Flimsy pantry hooks

Here's a fun one! Double hooks all the way! On the toilet! Think of the possibilities! (?)

Nail hooks in the laundry room? I think that's what they were trying to achieve here.

Not really sure.

I actually have several other pictures of hooks, but I should just stop here and go do something productive with my time!