Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Apartment Reveal (The Before, Uncensored Version)... (oh yeah, we moved!)

It all happened so fast! About two weeks ago, Pete was offered a job in the Gainesville, FL area working with maps. If you know Pete, or know about him, then you know he is beyond excited! He spends his days walking through uncharted areas and then plotting them in mapping software (GIS).

The start time for the job was immediate, so we needed to find a place to live ASAP! We knew what we wanted. Hardwood floors, updated kitchen, garden tubs. But, of course, that's not what we got.

Since we needed to pick something fast and we wanted to find a place to save us money, we threw out all of our wants and focused on needs. I should also say that we will only be here a year, since his job will give him a new assignment for next year.

Our wants: hardwood or laminate flooring, screened-in back porch, dog-friendly area, nice kitchen, close to the library

Our needs: one or two bedrooms, safe, functioning utilities (AC, water, etc.), low price

We are paying a ridiculously cheap amount for rent. So cheap that I'm afraid to talk about it in public because I will either A) make you feel bad, or B) make myself look extremely poor.

We moved in about a week ago and so many people keep telling me "how did you guys move so quickly... especially with an infant!?" There's a simple answer: we didn't! We still have boxes all over the apartment, we still have items at our old place, we're still waiting on some furniture to be delivered. Here's proof that we don't have super powers...

The Before, Uncensored Apartment Tour: Unpacked and Uncleaned! 
(photos taken on camera phone - sorry! )

Don't judge us too much on these photos. We haven't had much time to unpack and organize and we're still missing a lot of essentials. But we're on our way and I'm excited about what we're going to do to this place!

Fancy Foyer

Not much to see here, except a few things I picked up at the store last night. I'll get around to it soon.

Spare Bedroom (obviously not expecting any guests anytime soon!)

Updated Kitchen

The kitchen may not be completely updated (or at all), but we kind of find it charming. Pete was sold when he saw the oven (I know, clearly he's not doing the cooking). Let me introduce you to our terrifying oven:

At first glance, I noticed it didn't have a working clock (and thus, no working timer). That's something I can overcome, but let me just vent on what I do not like about this piece:
  • It doesn't notify you when it's pre-heated. You just have to hope for the best.
  • The back right burner doesn't work.
  • The handle isn't attached.
  • There are no lights on it to tell you that it's on (such an easy way to start a fire!).  
I don't want to sound spoiled, but they seriously need to consider replacing this oven. It's such a safety hazard! (I know I'll get a call from my mom as soon as she reads this... Leslie, I don't feel comfortable with you cooking)

Dining Room

Even though we still have a little work in this room, I'm happy with it for now.

Sewing Space

It's supposed to be my sewing space, but right now it's being taken over by a baby!

Living room

A lot of random pieces of furniture. We're waiting on the delivery of a couch to match my favorite yellow chair!

I'm not ready for Lucy to stay in another room, so she's staying in our bedroom. The bedroom comes with an addition that's the perfect size for a nursery (she may end up there soon). The bedroom is also loft-style with his and her closets. Not bad!

(we forgot to pack our bedding and lamps! whoopsy!)

There you have it! A work in progress, but progress nonetheless.

Oh, and here is what Lucy did while I was taking pictures: