Thursday, May 31, 2012

We're sorry!

Yeah, we've got some 'splainin' to do. Where have we been for the past... two weeks?! The sad truth is... nowhere! I'd like to say we've been on a cruise, or stranded on a remote island eating nothing but coconuts and fish, or... what I'd really like to say is we had our baby!

But none of that is true. We've just been stressed and losing our focus. Call me crazy, but I feel our focus coming back. We needed that strange and uneventful two-week stint to re-energize our blogging powers.

In case you're curious about what we've been up to for the past few days, here's the boring synopsis.

I've been sleeping more. A lot more. It's crazy how this little baby can suck the life out of you!

Pete has been job searching like crazy. I wish I could tell every potential employer how amazing he is. Not only does he pay attention to every detail (he's great at cleaning every part of the house and always knows what to buy at the grocery store), but he's also smart, curious, and motivated. Just the other day he told me, "I've applied to every job I could find, so now I'm starting to program a video game about time travel using a programming language called C#."

What a nerd. I love it. Be on the lookout for an XBOX Live video game or a new phone app by Pete. :)

Aside from finishing the nursery, I've also been doing a lot of nesting. I've done everything I possibly could to prepare for the big day. My car is packed with a hospital bag, carseat, and a car diaper designed by Pete:

Since I have an hour commute every day and I sit on cloth seats, Pete thought it would be a good idea to cover them in case my water breaks. Do you see what I'm talking about? He thinks of everything! Hah!

We've also cleaned our house like crazy. Everything from the craft room to baby bottle nipples has been cleaned. This picture is a little dated, but it still exemplifies the state of my craft room. I heard Clementine (our dog) crying in the hallway and found her wrapped up in my yarn. We can't have that happening to Lucy June!

The past couple of weeks have also seen their share of thrifting, but not a ton of finds. We have a lot of things in our queue to post about in June - clock repair, a "new" salvage yard, an interesting visit we had with my 93-year-old grandma, a photoshop project, DIY wedding invites, and the thing I'm most excited to post about:

A NEW HUMAN BEING! DIY! In just a few hours it will be June and that means we're super close to welcoming our new best friend Lucy June. I think I'll go walk a few miles while eating pineapple. Maybe that will make her show up tonight!

Talk to you soon!