Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Salvage Yard Visit: Victoria's Antique Warehouse

Our Saturday mornings are becoming somewhat ritualistic. We wake up, walk the dog, I drink a coffee and Leslie has some O.J. We map out our route to whatever salvage yard, thrift store, or flea market we need to rummage around at, then we hit the road.

Last Saturday, we went to Leesburg, mainly so Leslie could make me drive around in circles for two hours to find her favorite house, but also to visit Leesburg's salvage and restoration superstore, Victoria's Antique Warehouse.

Victoria's sits right downtown, in an old building that's an antique and work of art itself. The front half of the building is the store: everything here is antiques or repurposed and built from old junk, and it all looks great. Dressers, beds, tables, lamps, and chalkboards, and enough wood to reconstruct a forest. Most of Victoria's antiques come from France. Leslie found an antique French phone that she liked, but we're not sure if it would work with our Verizon plan. Anyway, that stuff's not for us. We needed the junk, the old doors, the busted up furniture. We don't buy the car, we just like to drink the oil.

The back of the building is what we came for. Completely cluttered, stacked up, piled up architectural and furniture salvage. Now you're speaking our language.

Top: Warehouse, Bottom: Shop
We had a good time looking around and coming up with ideas for future projects, but we didn't take home any souvenirs. Victoria's is a high end salvage yard--it's great if you need a specific piece and are willing to pay for it, but if you're salvaging a budget, stick to the dumpster.

On our way home, we stopped by the Jot 'Em Down Store, an antique junk emporium on the side of the highway in a little town.

Jot 'Em Down Store off Highway 50 near Mascotte, FL
 We didn't get anything here, either, but I just wanted to share this picture so you could understand that this is about 1/32nd of the junk this place has. They literally have so much stuff, it doesn't all fit in the store.

So, we came home empty handed from this excursion, but we had a good time in Leesburg, and there's no telling what next Saturday is going to bring.