Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lucy Needs a New Pair of Shoes

Lucy June Mojeiko is expected to arrive on June 15, 2012, yet her room is starting to look like it's from 1912. I realize she'll probably ask for a cell phone when she's three years old, a Barbie hybrid Jeep when she's five, and an iPad case when she's six so she can carry her "textbooks" to school. And I want to be the kind of mom who embraces technology and understands that her life won't be identical to the way mine was.

And yet one of the first things I place on her bookcase is this pair of antique shoes:

These shoes were placed on a shelf in my childhood room for as long as I can remember. For years I thought they were mine when I was a baby. I imagined that my parents just couldn't afford a new pair of shoes for me, so I must have worn these until tongue, toe, and sole were destroyed.

But it turns out my mom was just like me. She appreciates the history and charm of a pair of worthless, old shoes. I just love to stare at them and wonder who really did wear these shoes. Maybe they were Sunday Shoes for a young girl or the only pair of shoes for a small boy in the Great Depression. Or maybe they're just a cheap pair of shoes that are quickly rotting away.

The rest of her bookcase is a collection of books, stuffed animals, and toys... all from many years ago. My favorite book is the one on top: Animals Can Be Almost Human. Lucy June is going to love animals so much! The bookcase also houses antique dollhouse furniture that doubles as pencil sharpeners, old bears from my childhood, and a broken clock... which was Pete's idea and maybe he'll tell you the story behind it someday.

I promise I'll buy Lucy a new pair of shoes someday... and some toys she'll actually be able to play with. I even think I should buy her some more recent books. Poor Lucy is going to think the Soviet Union is still on the map; that Pluto is still a planet; and that the Sears Tower is the tallest building.

Do any of you have items from your childhood that you'll never let go of? Any books that you think any child must read?