Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Junkmaster Update: Networking Complete!

In case I had any of you fooled into thinking I'm a cool, calm, and collected blogger - this post will change all of that. Remember my post about wanting to become a junkmaster like the authors of Junk Beautiful? I still don't know what qualifies people into calling themselves junkmasters, but I think the curriculum I came up with is a good start.

I'm slowly making my way through the list, but I accomplished one of the tasks the other night! My networking goal was:

"Receive a comment, message, email, phone call, or in-person conversation with Sue Whitney or Ki Nassauer."

I chose both of these ladies because they have accomplished a lot in the junking world. They were both authors of Junk Beautiful, creators of Junkmarket Style and Junk Revolution, and have countless projects and ideas that any junker would like. Ki Nassauer is also editor-in-chief of my favorite magazine Flea Market Style

I've tried contacting both of them and haven't had much luck, but the other night I received two pretty awesome comments on my blog! (This is the part when you realize I'm not a cool, calm, and collected blogger.)

Look closely at the posts below. You'll notice that Jen at insideways faithfully reads all my posts (thank you, Jen!) and that Ki Nassauer commented on them! Editor. In. Chief. Ofmyfavoritemagazine! And authorofoneofmyfavoritebooks! How cool!

I'd like to thank our magazine rack(ets) and dirt jar for this accomplishment. :) One down, nine more to go!

Just a junker,