Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy one month anniversary, Salvaged Spaces!

Yep, we’re one of those couples. We celebrate one month anniversaries and we’re not afraid to admit it. Can you believe that Salvaged Spaces is only one month old? I feel like we’ve accomplished so many small and monumental victories in the past 31 days that normally wouldn’t have occurred if we didn’t have this little blog. It only feels right to dedicate our post today to what we’ve learned, loved, and lost during the days of March 9th-April 9th.

Source: via Leslie on Pinterest 
Learned from our blog...
Social Media
Who knew that social media could be such a powerful force? We started a Pinterest account to accompany our blog and Pete quickly took to it. I'm still learning. He insists that he's a better pinhead than me and I won't argue. He somehow managed to get our reclaimed key rack repinned 93 times. I don't know if that's good in the Pinterest world, but I'm proud of him for it.  He also posted a picture of our flaming lamp shade on Pinterest and it brought us almost 400 views on our blog that day!

We use facebook and managed to convince 92 people to like us. Twitter, on the other hand, is covered in dust. We still need to learn that.

The Power of Connections
My favorite thing about managing this blog is the people who visit. We've met so many people who have been an inspiration and a support to us. We're now following dozens of blogs on a daily basis and Pete and I have both talked to different editors of our favorite magazine Flea Market Style. We've also encountered quite a few people who couldn't care less about us. But I guess that's expected when you're just a couple of newbs.

Write your blog posts in pen
When I fill out a crossword puzzle, I have to use a pen. Otherwise I won't commit to an answer and the puzzle will never get done. The same seems to go with my blog posts. Writing down my goals and ideas seems to push me to completion. I've gotten more goals accomplished this past month than I normally do because this blog pushes me to think, reflect, and do. Because the world is watching. Or at least my mom is.

Working as a team
Pete and I have needed to compromise a lot more than we normally do. We don't always agree on projects or ideas. I don't always like the junk he finds. But we compromise. And listen. And concede. And speak up.

If you read my post yesterday, then you probably know my greatest achievement has been my dream house post. I can’t explain how much that means to me, and I honestly don’t think I would have achieved that goal if it wasn’t for Salvaged Spaces. How is it even possible that a goal I've wanted to accomplish for almost three years happened during the first month of Salvaged Spaces? I wouldn't have found it if Pete didn't pin a picture of it on Pinterest. And I probably wouldn't have pushed him to go to Leesburg if it wasn't for the salvage shop we were supposed to post about (we will soon!).

Pete's favorite post from this month was our magazine rack(ets) post. It was the first thing he built this month and he got to use his new miter saw. We've had those tennis rackets for at least a year now. Again, we finally completed it because of this little blog.

We've lost some time, energy, and money. But it's been worth every bit of it. Every night we are doing something to our blog, but it never feels like work. We're passionate about repurposing and restoring, so even when we're "losing," we're gaining so much more.

We're proud of where we are now, but we have so far to go. We're just having a lot of fun - a BIG thank you to all of you for your support and patience!