Sunday, April 1, 2012

Five Minute DIYs

Leslie and I are constantly brainstorming ways to reuse our old stuff. The best things in life are free, and they're even better if you can do them in under five minutes. Without further adieu, I present: Salvaged Spaces' First Ever Five Minute DIYs.

DIY Water Fountain
Don't throw out old soap dispensers! Instead, take a few seconds to rinse them out, peel off the label, and re-fill it with water. You just DIYed yourself a portable water fountain, baby.

Tastes sticky

DIY Shoehorn
Why put on shoes the old fashioned way anymore, when you can make your very own shoehorn and live the classy life of a 1930s aristocrat every time you step into your old Converses? For this easy DIY, just find a scrap of wood, label it so your dog doesn't mistake it for a toy, and ease into your shoes on elegance avenue every morning, you classy son of a bitch, you.

Tip: sand the wood before use to avoid splinters!

DIY Lamp Shade
If you're anything like us, and millions of other Americans, you may find yourself faced with a problem:

Lamps without shades. Either you lose them in a move, or you've turned them all into a robot costume, whatever, you need some lampshades, and you need them quick. For this DIY, just take some old newspaper, junkmail, or any other scraps of paper you have laying around, and an ample amount of scotch tape. Roll up the papers into the best cone-type shape you can achieve and tape them up real good. Make sure it looks perfect, this is going to be a central fixture in your space.

Once you've built your shade, just carefully set it on your lamp, turn it on, and then you can admire your work. I'd recommend installing a high wattage light bulb, like 600 watts or so, so you can really light up your shade and show it off.

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Happy April 1, junkers!