Wednesday, April 25, 2012

DIY Flashback: Birdhouse In Your Soul

Let me take you back, way back, to the end of 2007. Leslie and I met during the summertime in Florida, but I had to go live in Montana for work, and she had to stay in Florida for school, so we became pen-pals. We talked all the time, mostly through email and instant messaging.

We learned a lot about each other, during our getting-to-know-you stage. I found out that she loves reading and cats, and she discovered that I love They Might Be Giants and those orange and black nameless candies that appear around Halloween time.

So, she did what any good friend with a penchant for DIY, surprises, and a huge crush on me would do:

She built me a birdhouse (for my soul [a reference to a They Might Be Giants song]), and she filled it with my favorite black and orange candies. Aww.

She stained a birdhouse, put a straw roof on it, and painted the lyrics to the song all over it. When it arrived at my apartment in Montana, a few days before Halloween, I was totally surprised, impressed, and falling for this weird DIYer.

I'm still not sure of the significance of the monkey tied to it, except I know King Kong is one of her favorite movies, and maybe she just watched it or something. Either way, I have always treasured this birdhouse for my soul. Leslie has continued to impress me with her crafty projects and presents over the years, but this one will always be special to me, as the first gift from my unique, talented, and beautiful wife.