Sunday, April 22, 2012

DIY: Clean Air Plant for Earth Day

Happy Earth Day, everyone! Did you do anything special today to save the planet? I recycled everything in the house, saved a dolphin, and held my breath while I surfed the Internet to help balance out my CO2 emissions. You should see the color of my face as I'm typing this!

Okay, those are all lies. I woke up this morning and I didn't even know it was Earth Day! Luckily I found out before the sun came up and quickly came up with an idea to honor our precious Mother Earth.

Yesterday we found this creepy air plant sitting in my parents' front yard:

It's alive! It has tentacles!! Could this be some sort of sea creature that has evolved to live off of air alone? Possibly.

We decided to adopt the air plant and name her Jelly. We toyed around with a few ideas of how to properly display an air plant. Place between two Dyson Bladeless Fans to continuously suspend it in the air? Too much money. Hang it from a tree? No, clearly it was trying to get away from trees since we found it on the ground.

We decided to sleep on it (figuratively speaking) in hopes that an idea would come to us by the morning. And thanks to Earth Day, it did! We would display it on one of Pete's old globes to signify the simple beauty and complex creatures this planet is able to hold.

Happy Earth Day!