Monday, April 2, 2012

DIY: Chandelier Lamp

Remember the lamp from Leslie's desk? Well, this is how it started out. We picked this old chandelier for $5 at the Dade City Antique Fair the other day. It was ugly, rusty, and the wiring was literally crumbling. But Leslie and I believe that even the most hopeless junk deserves a home somewhere, so we adopted this guy and took it home. I'll go through the steps it took to turn this busted chandelier into a sweet lamp.

First, you need to perform surgery. My surgical tools were a little less than precise, but I got the job done fairly quickly. All the old wiring was pulled out and the whole piece stripped to its bones.

Next, I went out for supplies. To build this lamp, I picked up:

1. vintage-style light bulb ($8)
2. light socket and cord ($7)
3. utility lamp with a lightbulb cage ($10)

Wiring a lamp is pretty simple. Just follow the instructions to hook up the neutral wire to the silver terminal and the other wire to the bronze. To finish it off, I painted everything with a hammered brown spray paint to give it an industrial look. It took some ingenuity to get the cage in place, but with a few tricks, you can make it work.

25% salvaged parts, and a total cost of $30 for this piece. Nice!