Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What "wood" you do?

I live in a small town with one consignment shop (that I know of). But it's the best consignment shop I've ever been to! The shop is called Easy Street Home Decor and I somehow find something "new" to buy every Saturday. It's easy to do because the owners are super friendly and the prices are better than you'd ever believe.

Take, for instance, my "new" five-piece living room set. The minute I saw it I knew I had to have it. Which I'm sure will surprise some of you considering the condition it is in.

"Don't you think you should think about it for a while?" -Pete


I looked at the price tag and definitely knew I had to have it! $150 for all five pieces (couch, chair, rocking chair, and two side tables)! That's just $30 an item!

The reason I post about this is because we're planning to start refinishing and reupholstering them this weekend. Right now the cushions need some time in my sewing room, but the question I'm facing right now is: To paint or not to paint.

I really like the look of the natural wood and was planning to keep it that way, but I found this pin on Pinterest that is making me think otherwise:

I thought I just needed to go to the fabric store this weekend, but now I'm thinking of painting, too! Any thoughts?

- Leslie