Wednesday, March 21, 2012

There's an Elephant in the Room

My friend Jen @ insideways had this wonderful idea on how to stay motivated for a project. Her goal is to practice the cello for two hours every day for 100 days, and in order to remind her of that goal, she created a habitworm.

Each day the habitworm will get colored in and once she's reached 100, she gets to reward herself.

I am so in love with this idea, but also a little nervous. I told her that I will also commit to this plan by either posting something on my blog or doing something blog-related each day for 100 days. But I was thinking about it some more yesterday morning and I realized something! In about 100 days, I will be giving birth to Lucy June Mojeiko and I can easily see myself throwing all habits out the window. Especially if the adorable habitworm is colored in. I know I can commit to 100 days if I try, but it's the-after-100-days that scares me. I'm worried I'll start neglecting my blogging duties because Lucy kept me up all night or because I just won't have the energy to remember how much I love Salvaged Spaces.

So this post is twofold. No, threefold. Or maybe four. First, I just wanted to talk about Jen's creative habitworm. Second, I wanted to create an additional habit creature that would push me to continue after the 100 days (don't get me wrong, 100 days is quite an accomplishment... but I don't trust post-100 days Leslie). So here's my elephant habit trunk (I know, doesn't sound as cute as a habitworm). As soon as I've finished the first habitworm of 100 days, the big guns are comin' out.  Every day that I post a new blog or work on my blog, my habit elephant trunk will get colored in. If I can make it to the end of her trunk, then I get to reward myself with whatever I want. Right now I know that will involve a Red Bull and a trip to a salvage yard. But maybe I'll add more to the list because you can never reward yourself too much.

I'm also writing this post to introduce you to one of my favorite finds: Ellie the one-eared elephant, who inspired me to draw my own elephant. Remember that apartment with the dumpster view I mentioned? She was abandoned there and I thought she was too cute to keep lying on the pavement. So I did what any crazy person would do. I adopted her.

Oh, she's the sweetest. She's always smiling, no matter what the weather is like. I love Ellie!

Last of all, I posted this so you can all keep me accountable. It's a big commitment to work on my blog every day, but the word is out there and I can't give up now. So expect either a new post from me or behind-the-scenes work on my blog (designing, networking, whatever). You just have to trust me on that last one.

Day one. Color me in!