Thursday, March 15, 2012

Selling Your Memories

I've never bought my own home (yet), but Pete and I look for the same type of things in a house that I'm sure many other families look for. Can we afford it? Does it have enough bedrooms? Is it in the neighborhood we want? We're currently in the process of looking at a home, but unfortunately it's a short sale and it's a long process that could go wrong on so many levels.

But as we wait patiently each day to hear an update from our realtor, we live at Pete's parents' old home. They are currently on the road, so it's our responsibility to take care of this home that is no longer questioned with things like "Do you have enough bedrooms?" or "What kind of neighbors are you hanging out with?"

It's simply the Mojeiko home, full of memories. The kitchen reminds everyone of Mom Mojeiko's chocolate zucchini cake and famous chocolate/peanut butter cookies. The front yard brings back memories of that time when Dad Mojeiko brought home a BMW for six months. Just for fun.

The bathroom mirror saw so many hairstyles of big sister Val. Anything from a shaved head to liberty spikes. The dining room is a place of family gatherings, but also the place where Pete decided to put his first computer in 1998. Who knew a dining room table was such a great place for gaming? And the screened-in back porch! The perfect place for little sister Christina to play with the family dog, Joey.

So when a house becomes a place like that, it's hard to let it go. How could you possibly sell a place like this to someone who is obsessing over whether or not the bedrooms are big enough, or if the kitchen cabinets are updated. Who cares about that?

But, as soon as we move out, it will be time to pass on this home to a new family who will care for it as much as the Mojeikos have. Goodbye, 10010!

Here's a video that was made by Pete to honor all of those memories: