Saturday, March 24, 2012

Salvage Yard Visit: Schiller's Architectural and Design Salvage

Today Pete and I visited Schiller's Salvage in downtown Tampa for the first time. We saw online that they were holding a grand opening event for their new warehouse location so we figured... what the heck. Let's go.

Okay, if you know us then you know that's a complete lie. We saw "grand opening event" and jumped off the couch looking for our shoes. It was one of those rush-out-the-door, no-time-for-make-up, forgot-to-let-the-dog-out kind of mornings. Don't worry, we quickly ran back inside to let Clementine out. She's fine.

If you think we were excited backing out of our driveway, you should have seen our faces when we took our first steps into the warehouse. It's hard to describe how I was feeling, but I do remember salivating from excitement. Which is strange since I don't have Pica and I have no desire to eat any of the junk in the salvage yard. Nevertheless, I was in paradise.

Schiller's probably has every type of salvage you're looking for, and every kind you're not looking for. I went in there wanting to find at least one item to work on, but left wishing I could go home with the old yellow parking meter, a large kitchen sink, an old couch frame, and more old doors than I would ever find a use for. Do I need any of that? No... and trust me, Pete reminded me of that several times. But if I ever get a chance to go in there by myself, with a pick-up truck, our house will turn into a hoard.

Aside from drooling on all of the awesome junk Pete wouldn't let me buy, I had the time of my life. When I left, my hands were dark gray from touching every old door, window, and chair; my back was covered in sweat; and the muscles in my face would not relax my permanent smile. Any junker would love this place.

Pete and I also met some really cool people. We're not the type to walk into a room and socialize with everyone we see, but I guess we finally found our kindred spirits. We're going to post about one of the people we met tomorrow - it will be worth a visit! :)

I want, I want, I want!
Of course we left Schiller's with something - an old vanity pictured below, which will be the perfect place to sit and write for Salvaged Spaces.

I love this piece! We will most likely fix it up, but I think it already has so much character. 

Before I say goodbye, I just want everyone to know that no one paid me to write this post. I am just an excited, dirty junker and I had to share our fun experience. That being said, I will in no way oppose the Schillers from offering us good deals and discounts in the future. ;)