Thursday, March 22, 2012

DIY: You Light Up My World

Isn't that a sweet and cheesy title? Pete told me this when I came home from work... as he was drilling holes in a globe on the dining room table.

The globe was a gift from his sister two years ago, but I know she wouldn't mind if he drilled a few holes here and there. Right, Christina? ;) Well, too late now anyway.

When I looked at the globe, I started to see a pattern. There were holes in Florida, North Carolina, New Mexico... all the way up the west coast to Washington. Then they moved over to Montana, skipped a few states, then another one in Iowa. All places we've been together, mixed with a few places we've traveled individually. There was a hole in Mexico, where we spent our honeymoon, and some holes in the middle east and Europe, where Pete spent his time in the military.

Our holey globe is going to make a great night light that reminds us of how far we've come and how much we still have ahead of us. I love being married to a crafty geographer.

If you'd like to light up someone's world, then you'll simply need:

A globe
Gorilla Glue
Light Bulb and wiring kit (picked this up at the hardware store for about $5)
Some experience in traveling

Remove the globe from its stand and insert a 1" diameter hole in the base of the globe (our wiring kit called for a hole that was 1" diameter, so check the instructions on yours). This is where you'll insert the bulb. Next, drill holes in each place you've traveled - or cover the globe in holes!

Once you're done drilling, return the globe to its stand. We used Gorilla Glue on each end where the globe meets the stand. This will prevent the globe from spinning.

And there ya' globe! Nothin' to it.