Monday, March 19, 2012

DIY: Magazine Racket

A few months ago we found these awesome tennis rackets at a thrift store. Neither one of us plays tennis, but we knew we could do something with them. After staring at them from every angle, I realized what they would become. A tennis racket magazine rack! AKA The Magazine Racket.

The supplies that we used were:
  • Two vintage tennis rackets with brackets
  • One wooden crate
  • Something for the tabletop (optional) - we used a picture frame.

While Pete looks very impressive using his miter saw to cut one of the tennis rackets, we ended up not needing to do that. Our original plan was to use a third tennis racket for the tabletop, but we accidentally messed up our measurements and realized it wouldn't fit. It looks like I'll need to think of something to do with our broken tennis racket now.

We stained the tennis brackets and wooden crate. Pete nailed the slats from the wooden crate to the tennis brackets. It's the perfect magazine racket to hold all of my flea market and vintage magazines!