Friday, March 16, 2012

DIY: How to Make a COFFEE CANdle

We don't know a thing about making candles. But don't stop reading! I say that to encourage others who don't know a thing about candle making because this is one of the simplest DIY projects you can do this weekend. But before I share with you how to make a candle, here's why we decided to (because, seriously... this project would have never crossed our minds before).

Pete and I had some unexpected visitors the other night: his parents! They travel the country (and parts of Canada) in their truck, but every few months we get to see them here in sunny Florida. It's always a blast seeing them because they have so many great stories to share and they usually treat us to a dinner at a Mexican restaurant, which we always gladly accept.

Here's a picture of Pete's dad at our wedding. You can tell by the picture that he's a really cool guy. He's a truck driver and gamblin' man who knows how to enjoy a good cigar and bottle of beer. But once you peel back those layers, you find out that he also enjoys the softer side of life. He will sit through any girly movie with me, he knows how to write incredibly moving speeches, and has an inexplicable love and appreciation for candles. He decided one day that he would learn everything he could about candles and owns candle tools that most people don't know exist, like his fancy candle snuffer and wick cutter. So when he paid us a visit, we all decided it was time to explore the art of candle making.

Our Poor Man Coffee Candle
So just because his dad knows everything about candles, doesn't mean he's ever made one before. So we started from scratch with this project. Here were the supplies we used:

Old coffee can
Microwavable soy wax
Soy wick
Glass container (to heat wax in microwave)

For scent:
Ground coffee beans (makes for an ugly candle, but smells good)
Vanilla extract

If you want to be even poorer, don't get soy wax. But Pete's dad insisted that we use soy because it's better for the environment.

Pete's dad waiting, watching, and learning

Our simple, poor man's candle was achieved in three easy steps.

One. Insert wick.
Two. Melt wax and add scents.
Three. Pour in mixture.

Yep, I'm also getting it all over the table. Whoopsy!

We had a great time making the candles! Our wax still looks pretty white, but if you want to add more scent then I would encourage you to do so. You can also add dye to change the color of the wax.

Hope you enjoy!