Tuesday, March 20, 2012

DIY: Foosboard

This Foosball set used to have a little wooden ball. It also had sticks that weren't bent and a backboard that wasn't cracked and falling off. That was before 10-year-old me got a hold of it and beat it to hell in some of the most intense, back porch Foosball games ever played. Since then, I've kept it around, always meaning to restore it or do something with it. Leslie and I set it out at a yard sale we had last year, for 10 bucks, but after watching a few people casually dismiss it, I realized how much this old Fooser meant to me, and I took it back in the house.

I recently decided to make something out of it, and this is the process and result. First, I pulled off the old backboard and took out some of the more beaten up sticks. I shuffled the players around a little bit until I had a configuration that worked. A few players got cut in the process. Sorry, fellas.

Next, I cut a piece of plywood for the backboard and painted it half blue, half chalkboard. I glued in a couple of shelves, attached the new backboard, added some hanging hardware, and here it is:

Now it's a great hallway or bedroom accessory. The shelf is just big enough for some mail, and the stick holds it in place. The chalkboard top half is pretty sweet too, because it lets you practice drawing cats (Thanks Leslie). We don't really have room for this now, so I am putting it up on our Etsy shop. You can find it here: