Sunday, March 25, 2012

Assemblage Art by Antony Becker

While we were at the salvage yard yesterday, we met a new friend: Antony Becker.

He's one of the friendliest guys you could meet. He started to talk to us about the warehouse and all the things he loved about it. He asked us where we're from and what we like to do, and it wasn't until I started asking him about purchasing an item that I realized he didn't work there. He just has a true passion for salvage and specifically, assemblage.

We didn't know a lot about assemblage before meeting Antony, so we're glad he was there.  Now that we know a little about it, I realize it's something any wannabe-junkmaster needs to know about. Essentially, assemblage is the practice of recycling and repurposing multiple found objects to transform it into a piece of art. In Antony's case, he creates characters (or at least this is what I'm calling them) who have a history to tell.

Antony is a master of his art form and you can tell by looking at his interesting characters and hearing the stories behind them. If you were ever lucky enough to purchase one of his pieces (he wasn't selling them at the time), then you would probably discover something new about it every time you looked at it. He not only puts a lot of thought into the detail, he even makes sure the old pieces work. See the door knobs? He has the original old keys that unlock the doors so you can find new treasures inside.

The character pictured above was my favorite. He called it the hitch hiker. From the look of it, you can tell it is ready for travel. Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures of the back, but when you turn it around it has a small backpack and a vintage Florida license plate. So clever!

Look closely at the left-hand side of the photo. There's another character who we didn't get a good picture of, but he's a camera man with some really cool wooden shoes.
I'm just a fan of his fun ideas and I had to share them with the rest of you. I told him I'd write about him on my blog and he said he wasn't sure what that meant, but he liked the idea of it. Right now it seems like he keeps it simple by sticking to email, so if you'd like to contact him about his works then I can see about getting his email for you.